We value quality over quantity. Please register and prebook your classes online, as our class sizes are limited and they do fill up! We offer a waitlist, so please early cancel if you are unable to attend. This will also ensure you avoid the late cancel fee.

Please line your mat up with the markings on the floor to ensure balanced space for all attendees.

Check-in begins 15 minutes before class start times. Please be on time. No late admittance to the 7am, 7:05pm, or evening events beginning outside of café hours.

Please see INFO PAGE for information on what to bring and where to park. Please also opt-in to receive emails so we can notify you of any schedule changes.

We hold space for meditation before and after class. Please keep the studio free from conversations.

Please prepare to leave all of your belongings outside of the room in a locker. Locks are provided. Please keep yoga mat straps out, as teachers could trip on them.

We are a cash-free business. Please come prepared to pay with a card. Better yet, pay ahead of time to make your experience a breeze.

We invite all vibes into our space, but ask that you have an open heart full of compassion and respect.


* Our studio schedule is available on the MindBody App. Once packages or memberships are purchased though our pricing page, you can book classes and cancel classes through the app with ease.



B  A  S  I  C  S

This four week course examines foundational poses, sequences, and concepts of vinyasa yoga. Each of the four classes is complete, but they build on one another. Students can begin at any point in the cycle and are encouraged to take four in a row to experience all of the material.

An excellent introduction for those new to yoga or an opportunity to refine an established practice. Offered every Sunday at 1:30pm. First four classes are free.

F  O  U  N  D  A  T  I  O  N

This class is all about simplicity. Poses will be broken down and held for a longer period of time. Less of a flow, more stop and go. Great for everyone, but especially for beginners and those with injuries. Find your foundation, build from there.

S  L  O  W    F  L  O  W

This class is about finding breath within movement and observance within stillness. Building strength in flexibility and cultivating concentration and finding clarity while calming the mind. Moves a bit slower than vinyasa. Great for all levels.

V  I  N  Y  A  S  A

This class is about finding breath within movement and observing yourself in stillness. Building strength in flexibility and cultivating concentration and clarity while calming the mind. A basic understanding of yoga poses and breathing techniques is recommended.

R  E  S  T  O  R  A  T  I  V  E

This class is all about stress relief. With the use of props, this class is designed to get the body to actively rest. No push or pull; a meditation for the body and the mind. Discover the benefit of true relaxation and be held in one place to really see what moves you.

Y  I  N

This quiet practice is to gain flexibility in the joints and clarity in the mind. A handful of poses held for an extended period of time in quite space so you can observe your thoughts. All levels welcome. A meditation on letting go.

L U N C H T I M E  S O U N D B A T H

This is a simple way to find meditation and to re-tune the body. Ground yourself with a little guided breathing and then relax lying in Savasana soaking up the healing vibrations of Nepalese tinksha bells, Tibetan singing bowls, and Gong. Leave feeling lighter and more aligned. All clothing is acceptable. No need to change.


This class is a moving meditation designed to improve the energy flow and balance in your body.  By using wavelike movements, Rejuvenation Qi Gong follows the non-linear flow of energy to clear blockage and strengthen the qi, which results in a loosening of the major joints, returned balance to the internal organs and central nervous system, relief of stress and its negative effects on the body, improved brain function, toning and slimming of the body, and an improved ability to direct your energy.

It is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, and is a beautiful way to practice meditation and self-healing.


We have many many membership options starting from $69/month. Please set up an intentional intake appointment with our community manager, Zoe, and she will get you all set up. Want to join now? Our most popular contract is available below. We appreciate you.


$179/MONTH (this contract automatically renews at the end of the first term)

  • unlimited yoga and meditation

  • 15% off all workshops, concerts and events

  • 15% off retail, trainings, and retreats

  • you are also welcome to bring a guest for 15% off a single class

  • reserved cowork seating in the café

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