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The first Friday of every month.

A deeper yin yoga experience...with live performance by Electric Soundbath artist duo.

Sound Baths are immersive experiences that incorporate Eastern Gongs and Singing Bowls to balance the neurons of the brain and vibrate the body's molecules in tandem. The effects are relaxing and euphoric. An Electric Sound Bath is a variation on Drone music with a light, New Age, spiritual nod.

ManifestationYin is a ritual for honoring our feminine yin energy by giving yourself space to tune inward, and form new intentions for what you wish to create and manifest in the current and future phases of your life. This is a time for accessing deeper parts of yourself so that you can flow forward as an integrated whole being.

> for all bodies and levels

> poses are held longer to access deeper tissues of body and mind

> YIN is the feminine principle of the universe associated with the subconscious, slowness, yielding, the moon, the intuitive receiving force; and that combines with YANG our masculine forward moving energy for the manifestation of all that comes to be

$30 (members receive 25% off)

Earlier Event: July 30
Later Event: August 5