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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo Workshop

Tap in your SuperPower + Open to Receive your Inner Lioness/Lion + Give back to the World with your Empowered Truth!

A special eclipse workshop for powerful cosmic downloads with Aspasia.

R e v i v e  your superpowers while working with the Inner Lion + Lioness archetypes

R e l e a s e old habits, self-limiting behaviors and beliefs 

R e a l i g n with your core values, the deep connection to your purpose 

R e c l a i m your birthright to feel empowered + happy + balanced for this 6 months eclipse phase until Jan 2018!

"Solar eclipse is like unplugging our wifi for a few minutes; this simple reset makes our connection even faster!

New Moon is when we open to new beginnings and plant seeds!" - Aspasia


Light shines brightest in the dark. During this solar eclipse reconnect with your inner power, reboot connection to life, play with the eclipse’s darkness and transform it into beneficial light as we work through the mind chatter, clear blockages, use ritual to let go and unleash the wisdom that resides beneath. Transform energy with intention and allow the inner lion and lioness to roar.


Take advantage of our Solar Eclipse Workshop and ReSet for the next six month cycle!

Let go of anything that slows you down during a step by step ceremony with the help of essential oils, crystals and pranayam breathwork, meditation and the gong!

Plant intentions of prosperity for this New Moon with a guided kundalini meditation and activate your Lioness/Lion archetype. 

Explore your newfound royal empowerment with the deep relaxation of our gong sound bath!

$27 (members receive 25% off)

Earlier Event: August 19
Later Event: August 20