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This is a transformative experience which combines a powerful breathwork meditation with deep sound healing. The breathwork aspect connects breath to movement in a way that clears deeply held energy blockages. You will then be washed over, lying in shavasana by Baba Doc, master percussionist & Healing Sound Bath facilitator.

This Sound Bath is designed to go beyond relaxation and stimulate healing, bringing self awareness, realigning mind, body, and spirit. through deep relaxation, letting the sound ”wash” over the body.

The sounds are created by playing gongs, cymbals, meditation bells, and drums, a hand-pan, an ocean drum, a kamale Ngoni, and other healing instruments, which generate a “path” to relaxation and meditation.

This workshop is 90min long. 

8:00pm -9:30pm

$30 in advance

$35 at the door

members receive 20% off

Earlier Event: October 21