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This class emphasizes what are called calibrations. This will teach you to play safely with any acro partner of any level and understand each other's center of gravity, anatomy, limitations, and strengths. We will progress to and calibrate the fundamental acro yoga postures of bird, throne, shoulder stand, and high whale. Techniques of a yoga headstand will be included and spotting will be emphasized. We will conclude with a washing machine that links all these postures together. A washing machine is a kind of acro yoga vinyasa the cycles through postures, ending where it began. All levels encouraged and welcome. We will have options for more experienced enthusiasts as well!


Mounts and dismounts, meaning getting on our partners feet and then back to the ground, are the trickiest part of a gentle, easeful lunar acro yoga experience. We will study the basic mounts and dismounts for the three fundamental acro yoga positions - lifted baddhakonasana, backward leaf, and high flying whale. From here almost every lunar acro yoga pose can be transitioned to. We will include other lunar poses time permitting and of course end with leg love (i.e. small dose of thai massage). Spotting and therapeutic communication will be emphasized. No partner required. Participants should have the ability to lay on their back with their legs straight vertical (give or take). All levels encouraged and welcome.

"Acro yoga has given me an ability to express my research of yoga anatomy and physiology in partner balancing format. Joint manipulation, bone stacking, therapeutic muscular engagements, and breath all come together in beautiful shapes and geometries between two or more people. I completed my Lunar Acro Yoga Immersion training with Justin Caruso in 2015 and my Solar Acro Yoga Immersion with Jason Nemer in 2016. Since 2015 I have taught dozens workshop or retreat style events which were focused on lunar or solar acro yoga, plus countless classes and private lessons. Many are capable but there is a knowledge base for teaching progressions and a sense of communication and community that is needed to compassionately guide an acro yoga enthusiast to the next levels of their practice. Communication, community, and compassion are actually the cornerstones to acro yoga practice and teaching, and these practices are what keeps me coming back to acro yoga."

- Chris De Vilbiss

$30 for a single workshop or $55 for both (per person).

Please don't be afraid to sign up for this workshop alone!

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Earlier Event: July 15
Later Event: July 30