Earth Day Tribal Sound Journey & Free Flow Movement to Sacred Drum Presented by Tribal Sound Scape.

EARTH ELEMENT – Celebrate Earth Day with a tuning through the ELEVATION OF SOUND. Join Jahrahzen IAM and Padma Agni for a Special Sound Journey of TRIBAL SHAMANIC VIBRATIONS connecting us with EARTH and a guided FREE FLOW MOVEMENT to the SACRED DRUM RHYTHMS to ground in the Mother Earth Chakra. Allow sacred Earth rhythms to ground, balance, restore and awaken the body while experiencing the gongs, didgeridoo, crystal healing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flute, kalimba and a variety of world instruments to transform you into a state of peace and meditation.

$35 (members receive 25% off - please email us for discounted registration)

*This is one of many events happening on Earth Day! Please check back for more details!