Right now millions of people are displaced from their homes through no fault of their own. Their tragedy should not be observed with silence but met with a global chorus of empathy and support. RAISE YOUR VOICE is an ongoing fundraising campaign that connects concerts to a cause. Local musicians will join their voices with the L.A. community to fundraise on behalf of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

The IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping people survive, recover, and reclaim control of their future. They work on all fronts: within countries that refugees are fleeing, in neighboring countries receiving refugees, and here in the United States resettling refugees. 

Proceeds from RAISE YOUR VOICE will go to the local Los Angeles chapter of the IRC. The online fundraiser will continue through the month of April, but a donation at the door is recommended for concert attendance. Money can’t solve all violent conflict, but it can help rebuild lives. Join us at Hyperslow, a cafe + yoga and meditation studio, for a night of music, community, and solidarity.