The breath is a direct connect to the mind and beyond. It has the ability to make dramatic changes to emotions, brain activity, mental chatter and other numerous mental and physical attributes. The use of the breath is the traditional base for all Yoga and Meditation.
In our session we will use your breath though specific Pranayama exercises to revitalize the body and inversely the mind. With the help of this great tool (breath) we will be able to take ourselves into deeper forms of meditation and self healing. We will also add self healing to the energy centers of the body which will help to increase the energy and circulation in the system. Deep concentrated rest is what will be achieved which is welcomed by our bodies and mind in this day and age of constant exposure to chaos.

The session in simple words entails -

- Short conversation about a topic which will help recondition the mind.

- Breath work and traditional techniques to slow down the mental activity.

- Progrssively deeper Meditation and deep relaxation.

The techniques are all traditional techniques used by me from my teacher when I lived in india and are specifically designed to achieve peace of mind and happiness.