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At this event you will make some amazing connections and you will learn why Networking is not about what you get, but what you give and what I call my #MyGive4. You really only need to meet one person to make your entire night worthwhile if you know what you are doing. You will have an opportunity to speak to everyone in the room, and you will absolutely meet people you might otherwise never have an opportunity to meet and you will see that's it's not what you are selling or how you sell it that matters. Instead, learn the importance of building 'know, like and trust' relationships!

With that in mind we ask that you consider helping yourself and each other with those struggles by attending our events and sharing yourself and your knowledge, and practicing what we call #MYGIVE4 where we ask each of you to consider helping others for 4 hours a week in the following 4 ways.

1. GIVE of your ideas and talent freely! Share your vast life experience to help another.

2. GIVE of your time! Volunteer! Help a neighbor with a chose, carry someones groceries, volunteers at a soup kitchen or for a non-profit!

3. GIVE of your money! I'm not asking for your fortune, even 25 cents in a hat or 5 dollars to a crowdfunding campaign or in the basket at church can go a long way to someone struggling.

4. GIVE of your network through referrals! I now folks, you know folks, and the way we really do business is by building “Know, like and trust” based relationships! If I refer you and someone knows, likes and trusts the person, they will call you back or offer help when referred.

Come see why over 15,000 people have attended in 5 countries and 17 cities worldwide! Each event starts at 6:45pm and ends about 9:45pm!



Regular Tickets: $20 (The week of the event)                                                        *HYPERSLOW members receive 25% with code: HYPER

Day of the Event Tickets: $25 (24 hours before the event)

Tickets are always available on our website until 6:15pm the day of the event and walk-ins are 30$ CASH at the door until 7:15pm!

All tickets on our Meetup Groups will remain $20 in advance!

As always Veterans are FREE, thank you for your service.

Our Mantra: "The power of us all working together is so much greater than anything each of us can accomplish on our own."

Call Mark E. Sackett with any questions at all: (415) 602-9500.