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Drawing upon her knowledge of Eastern Philosophy, Allison has put together a unique talk that explores the latest medical research on how Yoga affects the brain. By understanding the science behind Yoga, individual’s will be more willing to incorporate it into their daily lives. This talk will benefit the mind, body and society as whole. In addition, Allison’s talk will explore Yoga’s relation to quantum physics and its logical nexus to Yoga by drawing upon Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, one of the authoritative text on Yoga. 


This discussion is open to anyone who is curious, open-minded and believes the world would be a better place through Yoga. Come join us at the tall table in the cafe. Free event.


Allison Bergson has experienced the transformative power of Yoga. She has been a Yoga practitioner and teacher for over five years. Her techniques and compassion have increased the quality of life for herself and for her clients. At Loyola Marymount University, Allison gained a Master’s degree in Yoga Studies. She works to incorporate the theoretical aspects of Eastern Philosophy with the practical aspects of Yoga. Recently, Allison taught a yoga-based life skills course for Youthbuild, a non-profit highschool consisting of students who were kicked out or who have dropped out of traditional high schools. Allison’s students continue to use the tools they learned to reduce stress and nurture their emotional wellbeing. She has learned her practical techniques from some of the best Yoga teachers both at home and abroad. Allison has studied the origins of Yoga in India at the International School for Jain studies in New Delhi and studied meditation under the guidance of Jain nuns in the Rajasthani desert. Currently, Allison is teaching Yoga at a premier studio in Los Angeles area and serves as an editor for the Jain Digest of North America.

Earlier Event: November 12
Later Event: December 9